1、Who are the Aboriginal peoples in Canada 誰是加拿大的土著?
Aboriginal peoples were the first people to live in Canada. 土著是最早期居住在加拿大的人。

2、What are the three main groups of Aboriginal peoples 土著主要有那三類?
First Nations, Inuit, Metis. (The group we once called 「Indians」 are now known as 「First Nations」)。
第一民族,煙勞人,美地人(以往稱為「印第安人」 的土著,現改稱為「第一民族」)。

3、In which parts of Canada did the Aboriginal peoples first live 土著最早期在加拿大何處定居?
The Aboriginal people lived in every region of Canada. 他們散居於加拿大各處。

4、What did the Aboriginal peoples living in your region depend on for survival ?
The Aboriginal people in Central & Eastern region (Ontario and Quebec) depended on hunting
and growing vegetable crops for survival. 中部及東部(安省和魁北克省)靠打獵和耕種。

5、From whom are the Metis descended 美地人源出於那裏?
Many of the early French fur traders and some English traders married First Nations women.
Their children and descendants are the Metis people.

6、In what industry did the Metis first work with European settlers ?
Fur trade. 皮革貿易。

7、Which group of Aboriginal peoples make up more than half of the population in the
Northwest Territories 那一類土著人口超過西北特區一半?
Inuit. 煙勞人。

8、 Why are the Aboriginal peoples of Canada working to be self-governed 為何加拿大的土著要自治?
They are working to keep their unique cultures and languages alive.
They want to regain control over decisions that affect their lives.

9、 From where did the first European settlers in Canada come ?
France & England.法國及英國。

10、 Why did early explorers first come to Atlantic Canada ?
They first came to Atlantic Canada to fish and trade with Aboriginal peoples.

11、 Who are the Acadian people 誰是亞加地人?
French who were the first Europeans to settle in Canada.

12、 What three industries helped early settlers build communities in the Atlantic region ?
Farming, fishing, and shipbuilding.農業,漁業及造船業。

13、 Who were the United Empire Loyalists 誰是聯合帝國忠臣?
They were British settlers who moved to the Atlantic region from the United States.
These people were known as United Empire Loyalists because of their loyalty to England.

14、 When did the United Empire Loyalists come to Canada 聯合帝國忠臣何時來到加拿大?
In the late 1700』s. 在十八世紀末。

15、 When did settlers from France first establish communities on the St. Lawrence River ?
Early 1600』s.在十七世紀初。

16、 In which type of industry did jost early European settlers work ?
Fur trade and farming.皮革貿易及農業。

17、Which trade spread across Canada making it important to the economy for over 300 years ?
Fur trade.皮革貿易。

18、What form of transportation did Aboriginal peoples and fur traders use to
create trading networks in North America 土著及皮草商人利用那種交通工具來拓展北美的通商網絡?
Sea (canoe).海路(船只)。

19、 For how long did the Hudson Bay Company control the northern lands.
More than 300 years.超過三百年。

20、 What important trade did the Hudson Bay Company control 海灣公司控製那一種主要貿易?
Fur trade.皮草貿易。

21、 When did thousands of miners first come to the Yukon 成千上萬的礦工何時到來育康?
They first came to Yukon during the “Gold Rush” at the end of the 1800s.

22、 What did the government do to make immigration to western Canada much easier
Building a railway across the Prairies to the Pacific coast. 與建一條橫越草原地區及太平洋海岸的鐵路。

23、 Which group of people were important in the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway ?
The Chinese Immigrants.中國移民。

24、 When was the Canadian Pacific Railway finished 加拿大太平洋鐵路是什麼時候完成?
At the end of 1885.一八八五年底。

25、 What did the federal government do to encourage people to settle
in the Prairie provinces during the early 1900s 在二十世紀初,聯邦政府怎樣鼓勵人們定居在草原省份?
The government offered land at cheap prices. 政府以低價售賣土地。

26、 What does Confederation mean 什麼是同盟?
Confederation means several regions or provinces joining together to create a new country.

27、 What is the Canadian Constitution 什麼是加拿大憲法?
Canadian Constitution is the system of laws and conventions by which our country governs itself.

28、 In what year did Canada become a country 加拿大在那一年立國?
In 1867.在一八六七年。

29、 What document made Confederation legal 那一份文件令同盟合法?
The British North America Act made this Confederation legal.英屬北美條約令同盟合法。

30、 Which document first defined the responsibilities of federal and provincial government ?
The British North America Act (B. N. A.).英屬北美條約。

31、 When did the British North America Act come into effect 英屬北美條約在何時生效?
July 1, 1867.在一八六七年七月一日。

32、 Why is the British North America Act important in Canadian history
The British North America Act (B. N. A.) made the Confederation legal.它令同盟合法。

33、 Which four provinces joined together in Confederation 哪四個省參與同盟?
Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. 安大略,魁北克,紐賓士域及諾華士高沙。

34、 List each province and territory and tell when each one joined Confederation
Provinces 省份 Years Joined 加盟年份
Ontario                   安大略          1867
Quebec                  魁北克          1867
Nova Scotia           諾華士高沙 1867
New Brunswick    紐賓士域       1867
Manitoba                文尼吐巴       1870
British Columbia  卑斯               1871
Prince Edward Island 愛德華王子島 1873
Alberta                    亞伯達           1905
Saskatchewan      沙士吉灣       1905
Newfoundland      紐芬蘭            1949

Territories 特區 Years Joined 加盟年份
Northwest Territories 西北特區 1870
Yukon                    育康                 1898
Nunavut                                         1999

35、 Which was the last province to join Canada. 那一個省最後加盟加拿大?

36、 When is Canada Day and what does it celebrate 何時是加拿大日及慶祝什麼?
Each year on July 1. It celebrates the anniversary of Confederation. 每年七月一日,它慶祝同盟周年。

37、 Who was the first Prime Minister of Canada 誰是加拿大第一位總理?
Sir John A. Macdonald.約翰麥當奴。

38、 Why is the Constitution Act of 1982 important in Canadian history ?
The constitution Act allowed us to change our Constitution without asking the British government 
for approval. 憲法條約準許我們無需獲得英國政府贊同而更改我們的憲法。

39、What is the part of the Constitution which legally protects the basic rights and
freedoms of all Canadians 部分合法地保護所有加拿大的基本人權及自由?
The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.加拿大人權及自由憲章。

40、When did the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms become part of
the Canadian Constitution?
In 1982.在一九八二年。

41、Name two fundamental freedoms protected by the Canadian Charter of
Rights and Freedoms.
(Any two 任何兩項)
Freedom of religion 宗教自由
Freedom of thought 思想自由
Freedom of belief 信仰自由
Freedom of opinion 意見自由
Freedom of expression 言論自由

42、 Name three legal rights protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Legal rights 法定權
Equality under the law 法律上平等
Freedom of Religion 宗教自由

43、 List four rights Canadian citizens have.列舉加拿大公民的四項權利。
(Any four 任何四項 )
Right to be a candidate in an elections. 可以成為選舉候選人。
Right to vote in an elections, 選舉投票權。
You may work in the public, military or police service. 可在政府,軍隊及警察部門工作。
Enter and leave Canada freely. 可自由進出加拿大。
Apply for a Canadian passport. 可申請加拿大護照。

44、 Who has the right to apply for a Canadian passport 誰有權申請加拿大護照?
Canadian citizen.加拿大公民。

45、 Who has the right to enter and leave Canada at will 誰有權自由進出加拿大?
Canadian citizen. 加拿大公民。

46、 Who has the right to be considered first for a job in the Federal government ?
Canadian citizen.加拿大公民。

47、 What does equality under the law mean 在法律上而言,平等是指什麼?
It means every Canadian has an equal right to the protection and services of the police and courts.

48、 What does 「mobility rights」 mean 「遷移自由權」是什麼意思?
It means the right to live and work anywhere in Canada. 它指可在加拿大任何地方居住及工作的權利。

49、 Name six responsibilities of citizenship.列舉六項公民責任。
Vote I election 選舉中投票
Work to help others in the community 在社區中幫助其他人
Care for Canada』s heritage 保護加拿大的傳統
Obey Canada』s law 遵守加拿大法律
Express opinions freely while respecting the rights and freedom of others
Eliminate discrimination and injustice 免除歧視及不公平

50、 Give an example of how you can care for Canada’s natural heritage.
To preserve the environment and the beautiful scenery of Canada by keeping her clean.

51、 What will you promise when you take the Oath of Citizenship
I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second,
Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors, and that I will faithfully observe the laws
of Canada and fulfill my duties as a Canadian citizen.

52、 Explain how a citizenship right can also be seen as a citizenship responsibility,
for example, the right to vote. 解釋一個公民權利如何亦是一個公民責任,例如:投票
When I become a Canadian citizen, I have to participate in the community.
As I obtain the right to vote, I should take the responsibility to select a good candidate
who can represent us.

53、 Give an example of how you can show responsibility by participating in your community.
(Any one 任何一項)
To work with others to solve problems in my community 與其他人合作解決社區內的問題
Join a community group such as an environmental group 參加社區的團體,例如:環保團體
Help your neighbors 幫助你的鄰舍
Volunteer to work on an election campaign for a candidate of your choice
Become a candidate in an election 當選擇候選人

54、 Which legal document recognizes the cultural diversity of Canadians
The Canadian Multiculturalism Act. 加拿大多元文化條約。

55、 What are the two official languages of Canada 加拿大的兩種官方語言是什麼?
English and French. 英文及法文。

56、 Which legal documents protect the official language rights of Canadians ?
The Canadian Constitution and the Official Languages Act. 加拿大憲法及官方語言條約。

57、 Give an example of where English and French have equal status in Canada
(Any one 任何一項 )
Use in the parliament of Canada in federal courts and in all federal institutions

Everyone has the right to a criminal trial in either English or French

The public has the right to receive federal government services in either English or French

Official language minority groups in every province and territory have the right to be educated
in their language 每個省或特區的官方少數團體有權接受他們自己語言的教育

58、 Where do jost French speaking Canadians live 大部分說法語的加拿大住在那裏?

59、 Which province has the jost bilingual Canadians 哪一個省有最多說雙語的加拿大人?

60、 Which province is the only officially bilingual province 哪一個省份是唯一官方說雙語的省份?
New Brunswick.紐賓士域。

61、 What does the Canadian flag look like 加拿大的國旗是怎樣的?
It is a red and white flag with the maple leaf. 它是一面有一片楓葉的紅白旗幟。

62、 What song is Canadian’s national anthem 哪一首是加拿大的國歌?
O』 Canada! 噢!加拿大。

63、 Write the first two lines of Canada’s national anthem.寫出加拿大國歌的首兩行。
O』 Canada! Our home and native land!噢!加拿大!我們的家及土地!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.忠實愛國者的愛都在所有人民的心裏。

64、 Where does the name 「Canada」 come from 「加拿大」這個名字的由來是怎樣的?
In the early 1500s, Jacques Cartier used a First Nations word for village, 「kanata」,
to refer to the whole country. European map makers later used 「Canada」
as a name for all the land north of the St. Lawrence River.

65、 Which animal is an official symbol of Canada 哪一種動物是加拿大的官方象微?

66、 What is the tower in the centre of the parliament buildings called
The Peace Tower.和平塔。

67、 What unique art form was developed by First Nations people on the West Coast ?
Totem poles.圖騰柱。

68、 Why is the North sometimes called the Land of the Midnight Sun ?
It is because in the height of summer, the daylight can last for up to 24 hours.

69、 An Act of Parliament is required to make a new territory in Canada’s North.
What will be the name of the new territory
Nunavut will become a new territory in 1999. Nunavut 將在1999年成為新特區。

70、 What is the population of Canada 加拿大的人口有多少?
About 30 million. 大約三千萬。

71、 What three oceans border Canada 有那三個海洋劃定加拿大邊界?
The Pacific Ocean on the west 西面的太平洋
The Atlantic Ocean on the east 東面的大西洋
The Arctic Ocean to the north 北面的北極洋

72、 How many provinces and territories are there in Canada 加拿大有多少省及特區?
10 provinces and 3 territories. 十個省及三個特區。

73、 What is the capital city or Canada 加拿大的首都是什麼?
Ottawa, Ontario.安大略的渥太華。

74、 Name all the provinces and territories and their capital cities.
Provinces 省份 Capital Cities 首都城市
Ontario 安大略 Toronto 多倫多
Quebec 魁北克 Quebec City 魁北克市
Nova Scotia 諾華士高沙 Halifax 哈利法斯
New Brunswick紐賓士域 Fredericton 佛特力頓
Manitoba 曼尼吐巴 Winnipeg 溫尼僻
British Columbia 卑斯 Victoria 維多利亞
Prince Edward 西北特區 Charlottetown 查洛頓
Alberta 亞伯達 Edmonton 愛民頓
Saskatchewan 沙士吉灣 Regina 裏真拿
Newfoundland 紐芬蘭 St. John』s 聖約翰
Territories 特區 Capital cities 首都城市
Northwest 西北特區 Yellowknife 黃刀
Yukon 育康 Whitehorse 白馬

75、 Name the five regions of Canada.列出加拿大的五個區域。
The Atlantic Region 大西洋區域
Central Canada 加拿大中部
The Prairie Provinces 草原省份
The West Coast 西岸
– The North 北方

76、 What are the provinces of Central Canada 加拿大中部有那些省份?
Ontario and Quebec.安大略省及魁北克省。

77、 Which are the provinces of the Atlantic region 大西洋區域有那些省份?
(Any on 任何一個 )
Nova Scotia 諾華士高沙
New Brunswick 紐賓士域
Prince Edward Island 愛德華王子島
Newfoundland 紐芬蘭

78、 Which are the Prairie Provinces 草原地區有那些省份?
Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. 文尼吐巴省,沙士吉灣省,亞伯達省。

79、 What are the territories of northern Canada 加拿大北方有那些特區?
Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories (NWT). 育康,Nunavut及西北特區。

80、 Name one province which is on the Atlantic coast of Canada.
(Any one 任何一個)
Nova Scotia 諾華士高沙
New Brunswick 紐賓士域
Prince Edward Island 愛德華王子島
Newfoundland 紐芬蘭

81、 Name a province on the Pacific coast of Canada. 列出一個位於加拿大太平洋海岸的省份。
British Columbia.卑斯省。

82、 Which region covers more than one-third of Canada ?
Canada』s northern region, Yukon, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.
加拿大北面育康,Nunavut 和西北特區。

83、 Where do more than half of the people in Canada live
More than half of the people in Canada live in cities and towns
in the southern parts of Quebec and Ontario,
close to the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River.

84、 One third of all Canadians live in which province 那一個省份住了三分之一的加拿大人?

85、 What is the Canadian Shield 什麼是加拿大的地盾?
A rock formation that is millions of years old.那是一塊經過數百萬年而形成的巨大巖層。

86、 Where is the Canadian Shield 加拿大地盾在那裏?
The land in northern Quebec and Ontario.在魁北克及安大略省以北的土地。

87、 Where are the Canadian Rockies 加拿大洛基山脈在那裏?
From the border between Alberta and British Columbia. 在亞泊達省和卑斯省邊界。

88、 Where are the Great Lakes 大湖在那裏?
The Great Lakes are in Central Canada between Canada and the United States.

89、 What are the names of the Great Lakes 大湖包含了那些湖?
Lake Superior蘇必略湖, Lake Erie 伊利湖, Lake Huron 休倫湖,
Lake Michigan密芝根湖, Lake Ontario 安大略湖

90、 Where is the St. Lawrence Seaway 聖羅倫斯海路在那裏?
A path from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean using the St. Lawrence River
through Ontario and Quebec.

91、 Name two mountain ranges in Canada.列出兩個加拿大的山脈。
(Any tow of the following 以下任何兩個)
Rocky Mountains 落基山脈
The Columbia Mountains 哥倫比亞山脈
The Coast Mountains 海岸山脈

92、 Which territory shares a border with another country 哪一個特區與另一個國家共有同一邊界?
Yukon (with Alaska in U. S. A.).育康 (與美國的亞拉斯加)。

93、 Which province is known as the Land of 100,000 Lakes 那一個省份被稱為十萬湖之地?

94、 Which provinces are joined to New Brunswick by land 那些省份與紐賓士域的土地接連?
Quebec 魁北克 Nova Scotia 諾華士高沙

95、 To What ocean is Newfoundland closest 紐芬蘭最近那一個海洋?
Atlantic Ocean. 大西洋

96、 Which mountain range forms a border between Alberta and British Columbia ?
The Rocky Mountains.洛基山脈。

97、 Which two provinces are closest to Prince Edward Island 那兩個省份最近愛德華王子島?
New Brunswick 紐賓士域 Nova Scotia 諾華士高沙

98、 Which province in Canada is the smallest in land size 哪一個加拿大省份的面積最小?
Prince Edward Island.愛德華王子島。

99、 Where are the Parliament Buildings located 國會大樓位於那裏?
Ottawa, Ontario.安大略省的渥太華。

100、 Which country lies on Canada』s Southern border 那一個國家位於加拿大以南的邊界?
The United States.美國。

101、 In what are the three main types of industry in Canada 加拿大有那三項主要的工業?
Natural resource 天然資源
Manufacturing 製造業
– Service 服務性行業

102、 In What sorts of jobs do jost Canadians work 多數的加拿大從事那類型的工作?
Service industries such as transportation, education, health care, construction,
banking, communications and government.

103、 What country is Canada』s largest trading partner 那一個國家是加拿大最大的貿易夥伴?
The United States of America.美國。

104、 Why are the Great Lakes important to Canada 為何大湖對加拿大那麼重要?
The Great Lakes have been an important waterway.
They are the trading networks in North America.

They also provide fresh water for people and industries around their shores.

105、 Why is the St. Lawrence Seaway important to Canada ?
It allows ocean going ships that transport merchandise between Canada
and its trading partners to travel up the St. Lawrence River and
other small rivers between the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean.

106、 Why is the Canadian Shield important to Canada』s economy ?
It makes Canada one of the world』s leading producers of minerals
because of the rich mineral deposits of gold, silver, nickel, zinc,
copper, and iron ore which are found in the ancient rock of the Shied.

The Shied is covered by forests and part of Canada』s major pulp and
paper industry is based on the trees of the region.

Some of the vast freshwater resources of the Shield are used to generate electricity.

107、 List four important minerals found in the Canadian Shield
(Any four 任何四種)
Gold, silver, nickel, zinc, copper and iron. 金,銀,鎳,鋅,銅及鐵。

108、 Which province is one of the jost productive agricultural regions in the world ?

109、 Which region is known as the industrial and manufacturing heartland of Canada ?
Central Canada.加拿大中部。

110、Which region of Canada is known for both its fertile agricultural land and
valuable energy resources 哪一個地區以肥沃農地及貴重能源馳名?
The Prairie Provinces.草原省份。

111、 Which two provinces produce more than three quarters of
Canadian manufactured goods 哪兩個省份出產超過四分之三的加拿大製造業製成品?
Ontario and Quebec.安大略省及魁北克省。

112、 Which province is the biggest producer of metals in Canada
Ontario. 安大略省。

113、 Which province is Canada』s main producer of pulp and paper ?

114、 Which province has the largest dairy farming industry in Canada ?

115、 Which province has the jost valuable forest industry in Canada ?
British Columbia.卑斯省。

116、 Which province is Canada』s major producer of oil and gas ?

117、 Which province is Canada』s leading wheat producer ?

118、 Which province is Canada』s largest producer of hydroelectricity ?

119、 Which two fuels provide about one half of all the energy used in Canada ?
Oil and Natural Gas.石油及天然氣。

120、 Which products from Southern Ontario are one of Canada』s Key exports
Products from the auto industry.汽車工業產品。

121、 What are three minerals still being mined in three territories today ?
Gold, Lead, Zinc. 金,鉛,鋅。

122、 Which city provides important shipping and air links between
Canada and other countries across the Pacific Ocean ?

123、 What products are produced in the Niagara Peninsula 什麼產品是在尼加拉半島生產?
Peaches, apples, grapes and other fruit crops.桃,蘋果,提子及其水果。

124、 More than half of Canada』s aeronautics and space industry are located in which province

125、 For what is the Okanagan Valley famous 奧加拿根谷馳名什麼?
Fruit orchards.果園。

126、 What fish is a valuable industry on the West Coast 那一種魚類是西岸的重要工業?
Pacific Salmon.太平洋三文魚。

127、 Who is Canada』s Head of State 誰是加拿大的國家元首?
The Queen Elizabeth II.女皇伊利沙伯二世

128、 What is the Queen』s representative in Canada 誰是女皇在加拿大的代表?
Governor General 總督。

129、 What is the name of the governor General 總督叫什麼名字?
Michaelle Jean

130、 What do you call the Queen』s representative in the provinces and territories?
Lieutenant-Governors (in province) 省督Commissioner (in territories) 專員

131、 What is Canada』s system of government called 加拿大的政府製度叫什麼?
A parliamentary Democracy.國會民主製度。

132、 What are the three parts of Parliament 國會分那三部分?
The Queen 女皇 The House of Commons 下議院 The Senate 上議院

133、 What are the three levels of government in Canada called 加拿大有那三級政府架構?
Federal government. 聯邦政府
Provincial or Territorial governments省或特區政府
Municipal (or local) governments市(或本地)政府

134、 Explain how the three levels of government are different. 解釋三級政府架構有何不同。
The Federal government takes major responsibility for things that affect all of Canada.
These include national defense, foreign policy and citizenship.

Provincial and Territorial governments look after things like education,
health care and highways. They share responsibilities with the federal government in some areas.

Municipal (or local) governments in each city or community are responsible for things
like policing, fire fighting, snow removal and recycling programs.

135、 Name tow levels of government and explain how they are different.
Federal, BC Provincial 聯邦政府, 卑斯省
Queen』s Governor, Lieutenant-Representative General Governor總督, 省督
Elected Members of Members of the Representatives Parliament Legislative Assembly
選舉代表 (MP) (MLA)國會議員 省議員
Leader of Prime Premier Country Minister 省長 領袖 總理

136、 Name tow responsibilities for each level of government. 列出各級政府的責任。
See Question Nos. 133 & 134. 參看第133及134條問題。

137、 What do you call law before it is passed 當一個法例未被通過之前,它叫什麼?
A bill.議案。

138、 How does a bill become a law 一個議案怎樣才成為法律?
To become law, a bill must be approved by majorities in the House of Commons
and in the Senate. Once a majority of MPs and Senators has approved the bill,
the Governor General gives final approval and the bill becomes law.

139、 What is the final step before a bill becomes a law ?
The Governor General givers final approval to the bill。總督給予議案最後的批準。

140、What do the initials MP stand for in Canadian politics
Member of Parliament. 國會議員。

141、How are Members of Parliament chosen 國會議員是怎樣被選出來的?
In the federal election, the citizens of each electoral district elect one
Member of Parliament who sits in the House of Commons.
The candidate who receives the jost votes becomes the MP for that electoral district.

142、 Who do Members of Parliament represent 國會議員代表誰?
Members of Parliament represent everyone who lives in their electoral district,
even the people who did not vote for the MPs.

143、 What does a Member of Parliament do 國會議員負責什麼?
-Representing our ideas when new laws are being proposed.

-Asking questions about the government on our behalf.

-Helping us if we need information from the government or if we have any problem
with the government. 當我們需要政府的資料或當我們與政府有糾紛時,他幫助我們解決。

144、 What is an electoral district 什麼是選區?
An electoral district is a geographical area represented by a member of the House of Commons.

145、 How many electoral districts are there in Canada 在加拿大有多少個選區?
About 300.約 300。

146、 In what electoral district do you live 你居住在那一個選區?

147、 What four requirements must you meet in order to vote in a federal election ?
– A Canadian citizen. 加拿大公民。
At least 18 years old. 最少十八歲。
On the list of electors. 列在選民的名單上。
Have been living outside Canada for less than 5 years or are working for
the federal government, the Canadian Forces, or certain organizations outside Canada.

148、 What is a notice of Confirmation of Registration 什麼是選民登記證?
A Notice of Confirmation of Registration Card confirms that my name is on the lists of electors.
The notice tells me where and when I can vote.

149、 What is a polling station 什麼是投票站?
A polling station is where I vote and is listed on my Elector Information Card.

150、 What is a ballot 什麼是選票?
A ballot is a form listing the candidates you can vote.

151、 What is written on an election ballot 選票上寫上什麼?
The names of the candidates running in an electronal district in alphabetical order.

152、 What do you mark on a federal election ballot 你在聯邦選票上劃上什麼?
An 「X」in the circle beside the name of my chosen candidate.

153、 What does voting by secret ballot mean 以暗票投票是什麼意思?
This means that no one can watch my vote and no one should look at
my marked ballot. I may choose to discuss how I voted with others,
but no one has the right to insist that I tell them how I voted.

154、 Who has the right to vote in federal elections 誰有權在聯邦政府中投票?
See Question No. 147.參看第147 條問題。

155、 Who has the right to be a candidate in federal elections
Any Canadian citizen who is at least 18 years old can run as a candidate in a federal election.

156、 Who do Canadians vote for in federal election 在聯邦選舉中,加拿大人是投誰的票?
A member of Parliament in their own electoral district. 他們自己選區中的國會議員。

157、 How is the government formed after an election 選舉後,政府上如何成立?
After an election, the party with the jost elected representatives becomes the party in power.
The leader of this party becomes the Prime Minister.
The Prime Minister and the party in power run the government as long as
they have the support of a majority of the MPs in the House of Commons.

158、 How is the Prime Minister chosen 總理是怎樣地被選出來?
The leader of party with the jost elected Members of Parliament
becomes the Prime Minister.執政黨的領袖便是總理。

159、 When does an election have to be held according to the constitution ?
At least once every 5 years. The Prime Minister may ask the Governor General
to call an earlier election. But if a majority of the MPs vote against a major
government decision, the party in power is defeated.
The Prime Minister resigns and a new election is usually held.

160、 What do political parties do 政黨做些什麼?
Political parties develop plans for what they would do
if their candidates were elected to form the government.

161、 What does party platform mean 「黨網」是什麼意思?
Members of political parties develop plans for what they would do
if their candidates were elected to form the government.
The plans they make are called the party platform.

162、 Name all the federal political parties represented in the
House of Commons and their leader.列出所有下議院的聯邦政黨及他們領袖的名字。
Conservative Party of Canada       保守黨     Stephen Harper
Liberal Party of Canada                  自由黨     Stéphane Dion
New Democratic Party (NDP)        新民主黨 Jack Layton
Bloc Québécois                                魁北克黨 Gilles Duceppe
Green Party of Canada                   綠黨          Elizabeth May

163、Which federal political party is in power 那一個聯邦政府當政?
Liberal Party. 自由黨。

164、 To which party does your Member of Parliament belong


166、 What are the parties that are not in power called 那些非執政的政黨叫什麼?
Opposition party.反對黨。

167、 Which party becomes the Official Opposition 那一個政黨是官方反對黨?
The opposition party with the jost MPs.有最多國會議員的反對黨就是官方反對黨。

168、 What is the role of the opposition parties 反對黨的角色是什麼?
Their role is to oppose or try to improve government proposals.

169、 What party is the Official opposition at the federal level ?

170、 What is a political candidate 什麼是政黨候選人?
A person who runs for office.一個競選公職的人。

171、 What do you call a candidate who does not belong to a political party ?

172、 What is a cabinet Minister 什麼是內閣議員?
A Cabinet Minister is a MP chosen by the Prime Minister to
run a federal government departments.

173、 How are Senators chosen 上議院議員是怎樣被選出來?
Senators are chosen by the Prime Minister and appointed by the Governor General.

174、 How can party in power be defeated in Parliament
If a majority of the MPs vote against a major government decision,
the party in power is defeated.

175、What is the name of the Prime Minister of Canada 加拿大的首相叫什麼名字?
Stephen Harper 哈珀

176、What is the name of your Member of Parliament 你的國會議員叫什麼名字?


177、How can you contact your Member of Parliament
By phone:
calling the number under 「Information and referrals to
Federal Government Programs and Services」
or 「Reference Canada」,
give my address to the information officer who answers my call,
and he or she will give me the name and telephone number of my MP.

By post: sending letter to the House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A6.

178、 Who do provincial members of the legislative or national assemblies represent
They represent everyone who livers in their electoral district in the province.

They represent their provincial or territorial government. 他們代表他們所屬省份或特區政府。

179、 What level of government passes 「by-laws」那一級政府通過「附例」?
The Municipal governments.市政府。

180、 When did settlers from Europe first come to your region ?
Settlers form Europe first come to Ontario in the 1700s.在十八世紀。

181、 Who were the first settlers in the area where you live 誰是你那區最初的居民?
United Empire Loyalists, Americans and British Immigrants.保皇黨,美國及英國移民。

182、 Why did the early Europeans come to your region in the 1600s, 1700s, 1800s, or early 1900s
In the 1700s, the United Empire Loyalists came to Ontario to remain British.
By the late 1700s, the population grows rapidly. Newcomers from United States
and Britain came for better life.

183、What is the capital city or the province or territory in which you live

184、What are the major industries of your city, province, region today
In the city of Toronto, Ontario, the major industries are service and manufacturing industry.

185、What is the jost valuable manufacturing industry in your region today

186、List three minerals found in your region.列舉三種在你的地區可發現的礦產?
Gold, silver, and copper.金、銀、銅。

187、 List three natural resources important to your region economy today
Minerals, forest, farmland. 礦產、樹林、農地。

188、 List the activities which are important to the tourism industry in your region.
Shopping, skiing, museums, Canadian National Exhibition.

189、 What has always been important to the economy in your region
Tourism and natural minerals. 旅遊及天然礦產。


190、 Who is your city councilor, alderperson, reeve or regional councilor ?


191、 What is the name of your mayor 你的市長是什麼名字?
David Miller 苗大偉


192、 What is the name of your provincial representative
(Member of Legislative Assembly, Member of Provincial Parliament or
Member of National Assembly or Member of House of Assembly)


193、 What is the name of the Premier of your province 你的省長是什麼名字?
Kathleen Wynne(韋恩)–2013年2月11日競選成功,成為安省第一位女省長

194、 Which political party is in power in your province or territory ?
Ontario Liberal Party


195、 What is the name of the leader of the opposition in your province
反對黨是Ontario Progressive Conservative Party,領袖是Patrick Brown(2015年9月14日最新當選)。

196、 What is the name of your Lieutenant-Governor or Commissioner
Elizabeth Dowdeswell(2014年9月23日任命)