41. 加拿大的兩種官方語言是什麽?

  • 英語和梅蒂斯語。
  • 因紐特人和法語。
  • 英語和法語。(正確答案)
  • 英語和因紐特語。

41. What are the two official languages of Canada?

  • English and Métis.
  • Inuktitut and French.
  • English and French. (correct answer)
  • English and Inuktitut.

42. 哪個國家是加拿大最大的貿易夥伴?

  • 墨西哥。
  • 美國。(正確答案)
  • 中國。
  • 日本。

42. What country is Canada’s largest trading partner?

  • Mexico.
  • United States of America. (correct answer)
  • China.
  • Japan.

43. 加拿大太平洋鐵路象征什麽?

  • 輕松前往西海岸。
  • 通過合作可以實現什麽。
  • 統一。(正確答案)
  • 鋼帶。

43. What did the Canadian Pacific Railway symbolize?

  • Easy access to the West Coast.
  • What can be achieved by working together.
  • Unity. (correct answer)
  • Ribbons of steel.

44. 聯邦之父做了什麽?

  • 他們共同建立了一個新的國家,加拿大自治領(正確答案)
  • 他們是組成探險隊調查加拿大北部的探險家
  • 他們在加拿大成立了共和國家
  • 他們是一群試圖將加拿大與美國聯合起來的政客

44. What did the Fathers of Confederation do?

  • They worked together to establish a new country, the Dominion of Canada (correct answer)
  • They were explorers who formed an expedition to survey Northern Canada
  • They formed a republic state in Canada
  • They were a group of politicians that tried to unite Canada to the United States

45. 法律在通過之前叫什麽?

  • 新法。
  • 一項擬議的法律。
  • 法案。(正確答案)
  • 新提案。

45. What do you call a law before it is passed?

  • A New law.
  • A Proposed law.
  • A Bill. (correct answer)
  • A New proposal.

46. 你如何稱呼君主在各省的代表?

  • 總理。
  • 立法會議員。
  • 副州長。(正確答案)
  • 參議員。

46. What do you call the Sovereign’s representative in the provinces?

  • Premier.
  • Member of the Legislative Assembly.
  • Lieutenant-Governor. (correct answer)
  • Senator.

47. 你在聯邦選舉選票上標記什麽?

  • 候選人的姓名。
  • 候選人的號碼。
  • 一個「X」。(正確答案)
  • 選民的名字。

47. What do you mark on a federal election ballot?

  • The candidate’s name.
  • The number for the candidate.
  • An “X”. (correct answer)
  • The voter’s name.

48. 聯邦是什麽意思?

  • 美國南部邦聯士兵來到加拿大。
  • 加入社區成為一個省。
  • 連接郊區,形成大城市。
  • 加入省份以建立一個新的國家。(正確答案)

48. What does Confederation mean?

  • The United States Confederate soldiers came to Canada.
  • Joining of communities to become a province.
  • Joining of suburbs to form a large city.
  • Joining of provinces to make a new country. (correct answer)

49. 說加拿大是君主立憲製是什麽意思?

  • 君主(女王或國王)是加拿大的立法者。
  • 加拿大的國家元首是根據憲法進行統治的世襲君主(女王或國王)。(正確答案)
  • 君主(女王或國王)在議會中代表加拿大人。
  • 君主(女王或國王)在成為法律之前批準法案。

49. What does it mean to say Canada is a constitutional monarchy?

  • The Sovereign (Queen or King) is the law maker of Canada.
  • Canada’s Head of State is a hereditary Sovereign (Queen or King) who reigns in accordance with the Constitution. (correct answer)
  • The Sovereign (Queen or King) represents Canadians in Parliament.
  • The Sovereign (Queen or King) approves bills before becoming law.

50. 「無記名投票權」是什麽意思?

  • 沒有人應該告訴你在哪裏投票
  • 政治家在對敏感話題投票時使用的秘密投票
  • 沒有人可以看到你的投票,也沒有人應該看看你是如何投票的(正確答案)
  • 您有權就任命誰進入參議院進行秘密投票

50. What does the “right to a secret ballot” mean?

  • No one should tell you where to vote
  • A secret vote used by politicians when they are voting on sensitive topics
  • No one can watch your vote and no one should look at how you voted (correct answer)
  • Your right to vote in secret on who to appoint to the Senate

51. 加拿大國旗是什麽樣子的?

  • 紅白相間,帶有省徽。
  • 紅色和白色與海貍。
  • 白色,兩端有紅色邊框,中間是紅色楓葉。(正確答案)
  • 紅色搭配白色楓葉。

51. What does the Canadian flag look like?

  • Red and white with provincial emblems.
  • Red and white with a beaver.
  • White with a red border on each end and a red maple leaf in the centre. (correct answer)
  • Red with a white maple leaf.


  • 每個選區的每個人都負責投票。
  • 總督負責總理的行動。
  • The ministers of the Crown must have the support of a majority of the elected representatives in order to govern. (正確答案)
  • 所有加拿大人都對彼此負責。

52. What does the term “responsible government” mean?

  • Each person in each electoral district is responsible for voting.
  • The Governor General is responsible for the actions of the Prime Minister.
  • The ministers of the Crown must have the support of a majority of the elected representatives in order to govern. (correct answer)
  • All Canadians are responsible for each other.


  • 因紐特語中的「愛斯基摩人」。
  • 英文的「家」。
  • 因紐特語中的「人民」。(正確答案)
  • 因紐特語中的「北極土地」。

53. What does the word “Inuit” mean?

  • “Eskimo” in Inuktitut language.
  • “Home” in English.
  • “The people” in the Inuktitut language. (correct answer)
  • “The Arctic Land” in Inuktitut language.

54. 亞伯拉罕平原之戰發生了什麽?

  • 航海者號與英國人爭奪毛皮貿易權
  • 美國人在美國獨立戰爭期間與聯合帝國保皇黨作戰
  • 英國打敗法國標誌著法蘭西帝國在美洲的終結(正確答案)
  • 法國在魁北克的戰鬥中擊敗了英國

54. What happened at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham?

  • The Voyagers battled with the British for fur trading rights
  • Americans fought the United Empire Loyalists during the American Revolution
  • The British defeated the French marking the end of France’s empire in America (correct answer)
  • The French defeated the British in a battle for Quebec

55. 什麽是法語?

  • 以英語為第一語言的人
  • 由加拿大公司 RIM 設計的智能手機
  • 以法語為第一語言的人(正確答案)
  • 加拿大第一部電話,由亞歷山大·格雷厄姆·貝爾發明

55. What is a Francophone?

  • A person who speaks English as their first language
  • A smartphone designed by the Canadian company RIM
  • A person who speaks French as their first language (correct answer)
  • The first phone in Canada, invented by Alexander Graham Bell

56. 魁北克的主要河流是什麽?

  • 弗雷澤河
  • 聖勞倫斯河(正確答案)
  • 尼亞加拉
  • 哈德遜灣。

56. What is a major river in Quebec?

  • Fraser River
  • St. Lawrence River (correct answer)
  • Niagara
  • Hudson’s Bay.

57. 什麽是多數政府?

  • 當執政黨在下議院擁有約三分之一的席位時
  • 當執政黨在下議院擁有大約四分之一的席位時。
  • 當執政者在參議院至少擁有一半席位時。
  • 當執政黨在下議院至少擁有一半席位時。(正確答案)

57. What is a majority government?

  • When the party in power holds about one third of the seats in the House of Commons
  • When the party in power holds about one quarter of the seats in the House of Commons.
  • When the part in power holds at least half of the seats in the Senate.
  • When the party in power holds at least half of the seats in the House of Commons. (correct answer)

58. 什麽是選民信息卡?

  • 告訴您誰是您選區內的候選人。
  • 告訴你在哪個省份投票。
  • 一種告訴您何時何地投票的表格。(正確答案)
  • 一種讓您知道投票時間的表格。

58. What is a voter information card?

  • Tells you who the candidates are in your electoral district.
  • Tells you what province to vote in.
  • A form that tells you when and where to vote. (correct answer)
  • A form that lets you know your voting time.

59. 加拿大的國家冬季運動是什麽?

  • 高爾夫球。
  • 北歐滑雪。
  • 曲棍球。
  • 曲棍球。(正確答案)

59. What is Canada’s national winter sport?

  • Golf.
  • Nordic skiing.
  • Lacrosse.
  • Hockey. (correct answer)

60. 加拿大的政府系統叫什麽?

  • 專政。
  • 議會製政府。(正確答案)
  • 軍事規則。
  • 共產主義。

60. What is Canada’s system of government called?

  • Dictatorship.
  • Parliamentary government. (correct answer)
  • Military Rule.
  • Communism.