Q : Who are the Aboriginal peoples in Canada?
A : The Aboriginal peoples were the first people to live in Canada.

Q : What are the three main groups of Aboriginal peoples?
A : The three main groups are the First Nations, the Inuit, and the Metis.

Q : From whom are the Metis descended?
A : The Metis are descended from early French and English fur traders and
First Nations women.

Q : The federal government placed Aboriginal children in residential schools to educate
and assimilate them. How did the Aboriginal people feel about the schools?
A : The Aboriginal people did not welcome the schools, as Aboriginal
language and cultural practices were prohibited.

Q : Which group of Aboriginal peoples makes up more than half of the population in the
Northwest Territories and Nunavut?
A : The Inuit make up more than half of the population of the Northwest
Territories and Nunavut.

Q : Why are the Aboriginal peoples of Canada working toward self-government?
A : The Aboriginal people of Canada are working toward self-government to
keep their unique cultures and languages alive and to regain control over
decisions that affect their lives.

Q : Who have major responsibilities on First Nations (Aboriginal peoples)
A : The major responsibilities on First Nations reserves are taken care of by
Band chiefs and councilors.